Sunday, 27 February 2011

Tips for Running a Home Business When you Have Children

If you are thinking about setting up a home business alongside looking after your children then there a few things that you need to consider. This short article will give you help and advice on how to manage a career and child care.

Setting up a home business when you have children can be a great way to work whilst being able to look after your children at the same time. It also means that you can enjoy seeing your children without being tied to working set hours and for many parents this is a great incentive to having a home business.

Providing that you plan everything thoroughly and do not take on too much work then you should be able to enjoy a successful career. Of course, there will also be times when working might prove difficult, but the same could be said of having children and working a normal office job.

It is advisable to not take on too much work all at once and be realistic as to how much you can comfortably fit in. It might also be a good idea to sign up to a relevant online community and see if anyone can offer you help and advice.

1. Choosing Your Hours

The majority of people who run a home business and look after children tend to try and work in the evenings or at weekends so that there is someone else on hand to help out. However if your children are older then you may be able to fit in work during the school days.

If you do find that you struggle to balance both work and looking after your children sometimes or you simply need to work more during the day, you could consider child care. It is however important to remember that you need to think about the cost of this. If it will virtually cancel out the money you will earn then you need to decide how feasible it really is.

2. When to Start your Home Business

It is probably not a good idea to set up a home business if you have a very young baby unless of course you have people around you who can help out where needed. This is mainly because having a young baby can be quite draining, especially if you are getting up for feeds at all hours of the night and day. You may find that you cannot fully commit to your working life as well as your childcare duties.

Generally the key to running a successful home business when you have children is to be flexible and to make sure that you are incredibly organised. It may not be without its difficulties at times, but if you can find yourself a quiet area and ways to occupy your children then you should find that you can juggle the two quite happily. Chris Jenkinson

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