Saturday, 7 June 2014

Want To Get More Comments On Your Blog?

Blogging is a very simple form of online marketing and it’s certainly one of the cheapest. All you have to do is identify your area of expertise and begin writing informative articles about it. If you’re a business owner this is a way of establishing yourself as an expert in your sector by offering worthwhile advice or sharing tips.

But to be really successful at this you need to build up a readership. One sure sign that you’re efforts are working is if a lot of readers are engaging and contributing to the ‘comments’ section usually to be found at the bottom of any blogging page.

Here’s how to get those comments coming in:

Don’t Sit On The Fence: Readers won’t feel compelled to respond to your blog if it doesn’t give them something to think about. For this reason, you should never be afraid to voice clear opinions (as long as you aren’t being offensive). Challenging people by taking a stand on a certain subject gives them the option of either agreeing or disagreeing. Whichever side of the fence they sit on, they will often feel compelled to offer their own opinions. You will not get comments if your blog is simply a dull outpouring of platitudes or previously expressed opinions.

Pose Questions: The simplest and most direct way to get people to comment on your blog is to ask questions. People like to be asked for their input, so you could for example ask what articles they would like to see featured, any problems they have working in this sector; or what their priorities are. Even better if it is relating to a controversial issue that is likely to divide opinion and produce a strong response.

Cross-Blogging: If you interact with other bloggers through commenting on their blogs you will often find that they will do the same for you. Look for blogs which are similar to yours without being identical. You may then find that people who read and comment on their blogs will see the link to yours and follow that too. Also, remember to respond to any comments on your blog, whether this is to thank the reader for their interest or follow up on any point they have made. If you can establish an interaction with your readers they are far more likely to continue commenting in the future.