Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Leicester Marketing Advice

Sales are up! What? Yes, although reports today, the 26th November 2008 are saying that UK consumer spending has dropped the most since 1995, the businesses that are using Jenkinson & Associates Ltd are showing increases in sales and increases to last year. How come?
The reason for this – simple really – it’s all about being a bit clever, putting yourself into the shoes of your potential customer and making sure that you are in their field of vision when they are looking to buy.
The opportunity for the small business increases as large companies reduce spend. A first budget to be reduced by large companies is the marketing spend – great opportunity! The other part of the equation is staff morale, as this declines for large companies the incentive to provide excellent customer service goes down - again a great opportunity! Match your product or service to when the customer is looking, make it easy for the customer to know what you do and how to get it and provide excellent service.
With our low cost creative marketing skills our clients are continuing to grow.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Gain the competitive edge in business marketing.

In times of economic downturn all sorts of problems land in front of directors and business owners, including sales declines, cash flows and cost cutting. For most companies marketing will be the key to survival, but probably at a reduced cost.

The use of email marketing and direct mail can be a cost effective way to continue to market the company’s products and services and seek out new customers. Both of these forms of marketing rely on the written word. At Better Writing: Better Business™ the company behind the online software that self-teaches employees the basics of English grammar and punctuation we know how important good writing skills are.

Many bosses say, according to research that they would not do business with businesses that can’t weed out grammatical errors, citing that the lack of good writing skills could well be a reflection of other weaknesses in the business.

‘I have reviewed the programme and think it’s very good’ HR Organisational Development Manager.

For the cost of less than a couple of pounds per employee per year, employers could easily improve the writing skills of their staff. Better Writing: Better Business™ is an online server based educational programme that staff can undertaken at their own pace, and learn at their desk.
No need for expensive off the job learning and as employers you will be giving your staff skills that could very easily give your business and company ‘the competitive edge’ for more information on this innovative resource please visit .

Monday, 17 November 2008

Individually Styled Wigs and Hairpieces in Leicester

I've just finished working for VH Hairpieces and Wigs in Lutterworth near Leicester. We undertook the development of their web site and undertake their online marketing and business advice.
They do provide a really needed service. VH Hairpieces and Wigs provides a caring and understanding service to people who are suffering from hair loss from alopecia or through treatments for cancer. Chemo - therapy treatment, unfortunately does have side effects and one of these can be hair loss.

For ladies who suffer hair loss either permanently or temporarily this can be very distressing. VH Hairpieces and Wigs give a confidential and private service either at their studio in Lutterworth, Leicestershire (just minutes from J20 of the M1) or a home visit can be arranged.

Part of the unique wig service, is once a wig or hairpiece has been chosen for comfort and general style, the wig is then styled and coloured to make it look natural. In fact many customers remark on how friends and family comment positively on the new hair style. More information can be found on the VH Hairpieces and Wigs web site.

Low Cost Marketing - How to increase sales

Many businesses are asking for help and business advice on how to improve sales and gain more customers. For most businesses at the moment it is about finding low cost and cost effective solutions to marketing their products and services. Some have told me that they have been talking to marketing and advertising agencies and finding that everything is possible at a price, a new logo or a new design for your brochure, you need to advertise, update your web site, you need to do a direct mail campaign etc etc. Does this sound familiar? And are you confident that all this will deliver a return for you? Marketing has changed. You don’t need to spend large sums of money in the hope that someone will see your message and more importantly act on your message- think about it- how many adverts do you respond to? When was the last time you rang the number on a glossy sales letter that came through the post? Wouldn’t it be great if you could get your product in front of a customer right at the time that they want to buy? This is where skilful use of the internet comes into use. This isn’t hard to do and doesn’t cost. All you need to do is to think a little creatively, with some simple steps: 1. How are my potential customers going to be looking for what I provide? 2. What messages will they want to see? Write an article about your product or service. Make it interesting to the reader and include keywords and phrases that you have considered in step 1 above. The use of keyword phrasing will be more beneficial. This is because as you have probably found that single and double word keywords are very competitive in search engine rankings. Once you have written your article you then need to get it published on the internet. There are many free Press Release web sites that allow you to easily submit your own articles. By following these two steps you could suddenly find that you are gaining the sales and new customers you want, all at very little cost. Does this work – Yes! Not so long ago I submitted an article through this web site and others for one of my clients, entitled ‘Got a problem floor.’ Within days the keywords ‘problem floor’ on Google came up with my article as the number one search and not surprising inquiries and sales for my client. The article has now dropped in ranking, but by continuing with fresh articles you can maintain an internet search presence that appears when your customers are looking to buy what you sell.