Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Leicester Marketing Advice

Sales are up! What? Yes, although reports today, the 26th November 2008 are saying that UK consumer spending has dropped the most since 1995, the businesses that are using Jenkinson & Associates Ltd are showing increases in sales and increases to last year. How come?
The reason for this – simple really – it’s all about being a bit clever, putting yourself into the shoes of your potential customer and making sure that you are in their field of vision when they are looking to buy.
The opportunity for the small business increases as large companies reduce spend. A first budget to be reduced by large companies is the marketing spend – great opportunity! The other part of the equation is staff morale, as this declines for large companies the incentive to provide excellent customer service goes down - again a great opportunity! Match your product or service to when the customer is looking, make it easy for the customer to know what you do and how to get it and provide excellent service.
With our low cost creative marketing skills our clients are continuing to grow.

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