Monday, 17 November 2008

Low Cost Marketing - How to increase sales

Many businesses are asking for help and business advice on how to improve sales and gain more customers. For most businesses at the moment it is about finding low cost and cost effective solutions to marketing their products and services.
Some have told me that they have been talking to marketing and advertising agencies and finding that everything is possible at a price, a new logo or a new design for your brochure, you need to advertise, update your web site, you need to do a direct mail campaign etc etc. Does this sound familiar? And are you confident that all this will deliver a return for you?

Marketing has changed.

You don’t need to spend large sums of money in the hope that someone will see your message and more importantly act on your message- think about it- how many adverts do you respond to? When was the last time you rang the number on a glossy sales letter that came through the post?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get your product in front of a customer right at the time that they want to buy? This is where skilful use of the internet comes into use.
This isn’t hard to do and doesn’t cost. All you need to do is to think a little creatively, with some simple steps:

1. How are my potential customers going to be looking for what I provide?
2. What messages will they want to see?

Write an article about your product or service. Make it interesting to the reader and include keywords and phrases that you have considered in step 1 above. The use of keyword phrasing will be more beneficial. This is because as you have probably found that single and double word keywords are very competitive in search engine rankings.

Once you have written your article you then need to get it published on the internet.

There are many free Press Release web sites that allow you to easily submit your own articles.

By following these two steps you could suddenly find that you are gaining the sales and new customers you want, all at very little cost.

Does this work – Yes! Not so long ago I submitted an article through this web site and others for one of my clients, entitled ‘Got a problem floor.’ Within days the keywords ‘problem floor’ on Google came up with my article as the number one search and not surprising inquiries and sales for my client.

The article has now dropped in ranking, but by continuing with fresh articles you can maintain an internet search presence that appears when your customers are looking to buy what you sell.

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