Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Gain the competitive edge in business marketing.

In times of economic downturn all sorts of problems land in front of directors and business owners, including sales declines, cash flows and cost cutting. For most companies marketing will be the key to survival, but probably at a reduced cost.

The use of email marketing and direct mail can be a cost effective way to continue to market the company’s products and services and seek out new customers. Both of these forms of marketing rely on the written word. At Better Writing: Better Business™ the company behind the online software that self-teaches employees the basics of English grammar and punctuation we know how important good writing skills are.

Many bosses say, according to research that they would not do business with businesses that can’t weed out grammatical errors, citing that the lack of good writing skills could well be a reflection of other weaknesses in the business.

‘I have reviewed the programme and think it’s very good’ HR Organisational Development Manager.

For the cost of less than a couple of pounds per employee per year, employers could easily improve the writing skills of their staff. Better Writing: Better Business™ is an online server based educational programme that staff can undertaken at their own pace, and learn at their desk.
No need for expensive off the job learning and as employers you will be giving your staff skills that could very easily give your business and company ‘the competitive edge’ for more information on this innovative resource please visit www.bwsbusiness.co.uk .

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