Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Business Marketing with Web 2.0

If you’re planning on using the web for business marketing, it’s a good idea to look at Web 2.0 tools for help. Whilst your website, your blog, and articles directories will all work for you to help you grow your business, web 2.0 tools can give you even more power to: • Build rapport with your customers, • Collaborate, • Develop your brand, • And improve your online presence with search engines. People use many web 2.0 tools to connect with others in terms of business and pleasure. Those connections can benefit your business in many ways. Let’s look at a few examples: Facebook People of all ages are on Facebook. You can market to those who have heard of you through groups and fan pages and you can market to those who you’re interested in appealing to through targeted contextual Facebook ads. There are great advertising opportunities as well as Facebook applications that you can use to appeal to your potential customers. Facebook looks really casual but that’s part of the appeal. Businesses can talk to their existing and potential customers in many ways, such as by talking about promotions, asking for opinions, and sharing information about new products and promotions. Twitter Twitter is a micro blog so while you can’t write a long article about something, you can deliver bite-sized updates and include links that go into more detail. The Dell company used Twitter for business marketing and was able to attribute over a million dollars in sales to that account. They built a Twitter account talking about clearance sales that were on and in a short time was able to search their web analytics software and account for over a million extra US dollars in sales directly related to that Twitter ID. Twitter allows 140 character updates but also allows you to connect with your followers. You can use tools to mine Twitter for information about what people are saying about your brand and you can answer queries as well as talk about promotional things. People can get these updates on the web, their desktop, and their mobile devices and if you’re creative with Twitter you can appeal to many people who may buy from you as a result. Social Bookmarking Social bookmarking tools can help your business be at the centre of online conversations. Submit a great story to that gets discussed about in an online water cooler and you can drive traffic to your website as a result. Bookmark blog posts and product announcements and more people have a chance of seeing the info you want to share. Add social bookmarking buttons to your pages and your visitors may share your page with their online followers and bring you new potential customers. If you’re interested in learning more about using the Web for business marketing, I can help. Subscribe to this blog for regular updates that can be delivered to you or visit my website to learn more about my business marketing services.