Saturday, 25 June 2016

Video Marketing - A Future Dominated By Video Content – The Numbers You Need to Know

Right now, the vast majority of internet marketing experts are predicting a future absolutely dominated by original online video content. Video marketing may currently be the stomping ground of much larger companies, but research suggests that even the smallest and newest businesses out there could benefit enormously by upping the ante in video-stakes.

By the end of the current decade, video content will account for the overwhelming majority of all global web traffic. Which is precisely why now is the time to take into account a few of the most important facts and figures, which help solidify just how crucial it is to pay closer attention to the power and relevance of video marketing right now.

60 Seconds of Video = 1.8 Million Words

A picture is worth 1,000 words, but how about a minute of video? Well, according to one Forrester Research guru by the name of Dr. James McQuivey, you’d need to pen somewhere in the region of 1.8 million words to deliver the same level of information and impact as just 60 seconds a video. How exactly? It’s easy really – simply consider the subtleties, body language, atmosphere, music, hidden meanings and so that can be presented in just a few seconds of video.

Unrivalled Reach

Each and every day, somewhere in the region of 100 million Internet users go online specifically for the purpose of watching online video content. In addition, close to half of all Internet users watch at least one web-based marketing video every month. Video marketing gives businesses of all sizes the ability to reach gigantic global audiences like nothing else.

90% Influence Rate

In terms of influence, somewhere in the region of 90% of consumers say that their spending decisions and actions in general are influenced directly by helpful and relevant video content. For example, online stores that use video content to promote their products and promotions tend to close far more sales than those that do not.

16 Minutes, 49 Seconds

As of last year, the average time each and every Internet user spent watching video marketing materials online every month was 16 minutes and 49 seconds. Once again, you only have to refer back to the value of a single minute of effective video content to understand just how relevant this statistic really is.

Nurturing Action

Out of the hundreds of millions of web users that come across video marketing content every day, no less than 26% seek further information with regard to what the video they encountered was promoting. In addition, 22% go on to visit the website of the company responsible for the video, while around 12% will eventually buy the advertised product or respond exactly as intended.

Conversion Rates

Last but not least, on-going research has shown that each and every time an Internet user views a marketing video online, the chance of them going all the way to conversion increases by an incredible 64%. Not only this, but webpages featuring video content generally have vastly lower bounce rates and encourage consumers to spend considerably more time viewing and reading their content.

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Should I be blogging for my business?

Once upon a time, blogging was just for journalists, fashionistas, foodies and other people who though the world needed to hear what they had to say. Though bloggers became very influential, they remained within the ‘bloggosphere’ and few large corporations jumped on the blogging bandwagon.

Fast forward a few years however and things are very different. Thanks to the impact of social media and the influence of Google’s updated algorithms, blogging is now very much a tool for business. In fact, blogging is now so effective your company can no longer afford to ignore its power.


If you’re trying to improve your company’s SEO and boost your URL up the Google rankings, incorporating a regular blog into your website is an absolute must. For a while now, Google has been favouring sites that keep their content fresh. Adding a weekly or monthly blog to your site shows Google that you’re maintaining and updating it. A blog is also an excellent chance to add more keywords to your site and fill it with information rich links and images.

Social media

Social media is an incredibly powerful - and affordable - marketing tool. Used properly, social media helps you to connect with your clients, build a personality for your company and create a loyal customer base. If you add a blog to your site, you can promote it on social media and show your customers that you’re an active participant in the network.

If your blog is interesting and relevant enough, the members of your social network will like and share it, boosting brand awareness and giving your business high quality marketing for free.

Growing your business

As well as being good for your company image, blogging is also great for business. A whopping 60% of companies who blog acquire more customers, a statistic that even the most cautious business owners can’t afford to ignore.

Building a relationship with customers

A blog is a great way to create a dialogue with customers and to build a solid business relationship. Through a blog, customers can get to know your company, your products and your services, ensuring that you’ll be the first name they think of next time they’re looking for anything you offer.

A blog also shows that you’re an authority in your area, giving existing and potential customers confidence in your abilities.

If you’re one of the many businesses that hasn’t yet embraced the blog, now’s the time to begin