Thursday, 10 September 2009

London Graphic Designer

The world of a graphic designer is not all shapes and colours, I was talking to a London Graphic Designer about the importance of designs.

It is all about that first impression, something I have a real belief in and how important a logo business card, or letterhead design is for a business.
What a good graphic designer will do is create an image which sums up the business and develops a brand image. It is important to be memorable so slightly different from the norm without stepping outside of certain boundaries. The images and designs a graphic designer produces must be pleasing to the eye, memorable and functional.
A good graphic designer will know which fonts are in vogue, which fonts are easy to read and easy to print, which colours compliment and how to put all of this together to meet the business objectives.

Several times in my work with businesses I have seen some very poor examples of design. For example, I once saw a display stand which a company was intending to use at a major exhibition. Who ever had undertaken the design work couldn’t have thought how a display stand at an exhibition is seen. The colours were drab, the writing merged into a dark coloured background and was so small you had to be right up close to be able to read. A waste of an opportunity, if your prospective customers can’t tell in a glance what you are about they will just walk past.

Money is very well spent on having a professional logo, business cards and letterheads undertaken for you. These are your first impressions of what you business is about. It is your lasting investment, get this right and a lot of other ‘rights’ will follow.

If you are in the London area and looking for a London Graphic Designer, then please do have a chat with Jo at First impressions really do count and none more so with all forms of marketing material which represent a company or organisation. If well designed and of good quality such material will present your business in a favourable and professional way and, if required, help you to build your brand image.

How Can An Offline Business Use Internet Marketing to Their Advantage?

Should bricks and mortar businesses use internet marketing techniques? Will they help you grow your business?

If you're an offline business, you might not believe that you need to do internet marketing. But if you don't, you're probably missing the boat on opportunities for growth. Even if you don't sell anything online, you can benefit from having an online presence for your customers and your prospective customers, too.

People who are your potential customers are probably searching the internet to find out where to get whatever it is that you are selling. People today use the web as their personal shopper. Even if they're looking for a taxi, a pizza shop that delivers, or a salon to get their hair done, they're looking on the Internet for phone numbers, addresses, and recommendations.

This isn't just happening with teens and young adults either. The largest demographic of shoppers for anything and everything that's for sale (products and services alike) are Mothers and the vast majority of Mums in the free world have a computer that they use as a time saver to help them.

They use computers to read product reviews, look for skilled professionals, and to read recommendations from other Mums who talk about what they buy and use. People in all demographics want to know who they're buying from as well so they like to research local companies for more information.

If you're doing internet marketing you're also going to take opportunities to communicate with your customers (and prospective customers) because you can use tools to remind people who you are and what you sell. Internet marketing techniques like newsletters, e-mail marketing, white papers, and other marketing tools can help you communicate continually with your clients and today's tools let you put that process on autopilot so that very little work needs to be done by you but with the result that you'll gain more exposure for your business and improve brand loyalty as well. If you're having a big sale, you can tell your customers. If you want to talk about a new product you're carrying, you can send out an announcement. You can create a blog for your website that lets you talk about what you sell and this can help you bring increased business to your doorstep.

Not only can you market to your existing demographic with the internet but you can also learn more about your customers through patterns and data related to your website. The internet is a phenomenal business intelligence tool.

Internet marketing is something that's not an exact science but it's something that you can definitely make headway with, especially if you get expert advice. This can come in the form of books, newsletters, blogs, and through internet marketing consultant services. An experienced internet marketing consultant can look at your business and help you create a marketing plan that suits your business model and improves your chances of growth, profitability, and success.