Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Clueless about Email and Social Marketing Opportunities? Outsourced Marketing Can Help

Outsourced marketing services can truly grow your small business and bring it to the technological age. Did you know that right now, some of your vendors, customers and prospective clients are online talking about business and other topics? Whether they are blogging, posting videos on YouTube or chatting on the latest social networks like Facebook and Twitter, they are reaching out to others, sharing information that could be pertinent or related to your business or industry niche. Are you hooked in too?

If you have no clue what email or social network marketing is, you need to learn quick! Unless you can navigate cyberspace and utilize the internet marketing tools available to you, you can and will lose market share. The internet is a great way to broaden your marketing reach, build new customer relationships and more. A marketing consultant can help you become a part of this new way of sharing information.

Email and Social Media Marketing Differences
Social media marketing works a bit differently than email marketing, although both can be quite effective. Social media is more public and fluid. In other words, it tends to be fast, interactive and in the here and now. If you post on Facebook or Twitter but your customers are not online at that particular time, you do not have their attention. That is not to say these are not effective marketing outlets. People subscribe, people data mine, and there are linking and search engine optimisation facets to this medium as well.

With email marketing, it can be a more personal, but instantaneous way of communicating your product or service to current and potential customers. When they open your email, you have their undivided attention but you must have a good message in order to keep that attention. Emailing newsletters and product discount offers is more permanent than social media marketing, especially when you make the information available on your website as well.

Make the Most of Internet Media Outlets
If you want to make the most of internet media outlets like email and social networking, try an outsourced marketing consultant to bring your business into the 21st century. A consultant savvy in the ways of these internet outlets can bring you to where your customers are as well as introduce you to new markets. They can help you build an email marketing list for future promotions and communications. Boosting your ranking in search engines on the internet is an important facet too.

An outsourced marketing consultant can help you tackle both email and social media marketing because both are important, no matter what your product or service is. The internet is the best way to extend your marketing reach and boost your customer list. By blogging, emailing, tweeting, posting and chatting online, the world becomes your marketplace. If you are looking to develop your business globally then look for the assistance of an international marketing consultant.

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