Tuesday, 1 February 2011

How an Outsourced Marketing Professional Can Help You Identify your Company's Marketing Problems

When you realize that something is wrong with your marketing efforts but are not sure what it is, an outsourced marketing consultant can help. As the owner of a small business, you are likely too close to the problem to accurately identify your marketing problems. Sometimes, it could be a simple fix while other times may require a major overhaul of your marketing ways. An outside perspective may be just what you need.

Problem Identification
Your salespeople may believe that your prices are too high while customers may not realize that you have multiple product or service lines. Maybe you feel that your business is not targeting the right demographics or geographical area. The first step in solving your marketing problems is identifying the cause. An outsourced marketing professional will bring the perspective you need to accurately identify the problem or problems.

A consultant will use consumer research, if there is any, to help identify the cause. However, they will also meet with you and your staff and perhaps even vendors and faithful customers to brainstorm so that the cause can be narrowed down. Typical causes include lack of brand recognition, market shrinkage, not enough employees to carry out marketing duties and loss of current customers. Your small business may not have a consistent marketing plan or even have one at all. Attracting the wrong customers, a lack of marketing presentation such as brochures or product flyers, and inability to communicate effectively with consumers are additional problems that can be resolved.

Problem Solving
Working together with you and your staff, along with input from vendors and faithful clients, the marketing consultant can pinpoint several key areas where improvements can be made. They will study other businesses in the same industry or niche to see what works for them and what does. With their overall marketing knowledge, a game plan can be created.

When a workable plan, with action steps is established, it will be easier for you and your company to follow through. This plan of action also is a good way to track your progress. When you employ a tactic that doesn't work, you can revisit the new marketing plan and tweak that particular actionable step.

The bottom line is that all too often, small business owners are simply too close to the problem to identify it. It takes the perspective of an outsourced marketing professional to bring the problem or problems to light. Without problem identification, you cannot develop an actionable plan to turn things around.

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