Sunday, 12 August 2012

Why AdWords For Mobile Phones Could Make Perfect Business Sense For You

If you run a service-based business setting up a Google AdWords campaign specifically for mobile phone users could be of considerable benefit to you.

You see, more people than ever before are using their mobile phones to carry out ‘service provider’ searches. And that’s across a wide range of industries not just the most obvious. Therefore it makes sense to consider tapping into this particularly lucrative marketing channel before your competitors do.

As well as having less competition (fewer advertisers), mobile advertising clicks generally cost less than traditional PC AdWords campaigns too which is good news for the budget-conscious business owner or entrepreneur.

As you would imagine mobile ads work particularly well for emergency call out type services such as plumbers, electricians and locksmiths. Perhaps a little more surprisingly, they are also proven to get great results for services like web design, jazz band hire and administrative and payroll firms too – services which would traditionally have been located online via a PC – or at one time – Yellow Pages.
Once you’ve registered your Google account it’s easy to set up your mobile advertising campaign in AdWords. Just go to the ‘Settings’ tab and under the ‘Devices’ column click on the word ‘All’. Now select ‘Let Me Choose’ and select ‘Mobile Devices With Full Browsers’. This will mean that your ad(s) will run on mobiles only, not iPads or PCs. Click save to confirm your selection.

To add your chosen contact number click on the ‘Ad Extensions’ tab, then ‘New Extension’ and type in the telephone number you want your customers to use. And that’s it.

It’s helpful to incorporate a tracking device so you can keep an eye on your ROI and the overall success of your mobile advertising campaign.

As well as placing ads onto the mobile network, here’s something else you may want to take a closer look at:

On June 7 2012, Google announced that its advertisers would have access to the 300,000+ mobile apps within its acquired AdMob network, providing marketing companies with a totally customisable advertising experience with global reach across multiple platforms.

To take advantage of this option select ‘New Campaign’ from the ‘Campaigns’ tab, then choose ‘Display Network Only (mobile apps)’. You will be able to refine your advertising campaign further by selecting individual apps you wish your ads to run with – perfect for fine-tuning your campaigns for specific target audiences.

Google AdWords provides highly optimisable advertising solutions along with infinitely customisable communications platforms, allowing you to access the people you most want to reach easily and cost-effectively. If you wish to learn more about the use of Google Adwords then contacting a Google Adword Consultant could be a first step, and how to find one? Try Google!

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