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Joining the Chartered Institute of Marketing

The Chartered Institute of Marketing are an industry wide, highly respected organisation that represents the marketing profession and all those who work within it. The Institute is open for anyone working or considering working in marketing and there is an entire scale of memberships ranging from those just finding their feet in the industry to senior management. Whether you are an apprentice, in education or a fully qualified marketing consultant, there is a membership level for you.


Affiliate membership splits into two branches; Professional and Studying. There are a few subtle differences between the two.

The professional branch is open to anyone who is working in or studying towards a qualification in the marketing industry. It is also available to those actively interested in marketing or considering a career in the profession.

The Affiliate (Studying) membership is a requisite for anyone wishing to study with the CIM.

The Affiliate annual membership costs £140 in Europe on £100 for an International membership. There are discounts available for direct debits.


The Associate is a rather more respected level of membership than the Affiliate despite being similar in many ways. The major difference lies in the fact that to be eligible for the Associate membership, a person must have one or more of the following qualifications. 

A Professional Diploma from the CIM
A Professional or Chartered Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing from the CIM
A bachelor’s degree in Marketing
An equivalent professional marketing body’s examination certification

The cost of annual membership is slightly higher too at £160 for European members and £130 for international membership.

Member (MCIM)

To qualify for this prestigious level of membership, a person must meet all the criteria required of an Associate member. Also required is at least three years of experience in the marketing industry including a year in a managing role. Current employment in a marketing role is also necessary.

For senior a senior marketing consultant with no formal marketing qualifications, there is an entry route to the MCIM as long as the person is at or near to board level.

European membership costs £180 per annum, whilst the International rate is £150.

Fellow (FCIM)

For all those who meet the MCIM criteria and have a strong level of industry or teaching experience, the Fellow level is a prestigious membership status to hold. To qualify, one must have either held a senior executive position in a marketing role or taught as a marketing professor or senior academic for at least fifteen years.

The FCIM costs £210 for European members and £185 for Internationals.

Chartered Marketer

Whilst there is no additional fee for becoming a Chartered Marketer, the prestige and professional acclaim that comes with Chartered status cannot be overestimated. It is the highest grade of professional marketing accreditation and recognises a person’s outstanding marketing experience and expertise.

To be eligible, a person must hold either MCIM or FCIM membership, as well as satisfy certain requirements of the CIM’s Chartered CDP Programme for at least two years.

For more information and details on how to apply for membership to the CIM, visit their website.

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