Saturday, 25 August 2012

Exposing Your Content Online

Possibly the most difficult part of any content marketing campaign actually comes after the creation of valuable, interesting content. Promoting content and getting it seen, heard and read by potential clients and customers is at least as challenging as creating it in the first place!
Unfortunately, it is a vital part of content marketing as, without it, a company’s blogs, podcasts, white papers and whatever else has been created are effectively useless. Here we take a look at a few ways of exposing content online.

1. Create quality content

If your content is dull, out of date or incorrect people aren’t going to respond well to it, let alone share it with their peers. Creating interesting, useful and up to date content is absolutely paramount in any content marketing campaign.

2. Develop relationships with other companies and bloggers

By finding prolific bloggers, businesses and internet marketing companies out to spread their own message, you can seek to establish relationships that benefit both parties.

 Start the ball rolling by sharing their content and linking to their site from your own blogs. Once they notice your presence, they’ll begin to appreciate your efforts and may even start sharing links to your content. If this occurs, get in touch with the company or blogger and come to an informal arrangement whereby you each promote one another’s blog/brand/product/service.

3. Join Online Forum Communities

By creating a company profile on several relevant forum sites, you could soon be providing expert, industry specific advice to thousands of users.

Instead of always plugging your own company, add a simple tag line to your posts which includes a brief description of what the company does and a link to your homepage. Every time you post useful answers or piece of advice you not only impress anyone who comes across it, you also gently guide them towards your homepage.

4. Persuade People To Share Your Content

This doesn’t have to be as cringe as emailing various website owners to beg for their help in promoting your brand. By persuading users to ‘Like’ your videos, re-tweet your messages or subscribe to your mailing lists you can quickly increase the amount exposure your content receives.

A simple example would be ‘A chance to win £20 of iTunes vouchers by liking this status’, although the more inventive and creative the better. As clich├ęd as it sounds, being unique and thinking outside the box is what will separate your company from the rest.

Otherwise, enlisting the services of an internet marketing company may also be a viable option. These companies have the resources to share content with large, often specifically targeted networks.

5. Promote Across Multiple Channels

Finally, and possible most importantly, you should always promote your content across as many channels as possible. Simply relying on Facebook or Twitter is only going to limit your exposure, so utilise as many social networking sites, email subscription lists and blog posting sites as possible.

Your imagination is really the only limiting factor in this case and the more ways you can think of sharing your content with the world, the better.

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