Tuesday, 4 June 2013

SlideShare Marketing . . . Better Than LinkedIn For Bringing In New Business?

Yes you did read that headline correctly.

It seems that the under-utilised and underrated SlideShare is proving a more effective option for getting products and services in front of key decision makers, than the much revered professional networking site, LinkedIn.

According to ComScore – SlideShare – dubbed the ‘quiet giant’ of content marketing, attracts around five times the traffic of other social media sites including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and indeed – LinkedIn.

SlideShare offers a convenient way of syndicating your blog and website content, (in fact any content your company produces), for wider audience engagement and better SEO results.
What’s more, syndicating content through SlideShare is really easy to do and your preferred marketing consultant will be pleased to assist you.

6 Tips For Marketing Content With SlideShare:

Your Title Must Entice

Bland, boring and genetic titles are out! Your SlideShare titles need to be bold, exciting, intriguing or controversial to ensure they get attention.

Use Teaser Content and a Call To Action

Who says you have to tell the whole story all at once? Try providing a flavour of the content in your SlideShare – a taster of what your prospects will get if they go to your landing page or website and sign up to your list. (This works well if you provide say the first 25 slides of a 100-slide document, but isn’t so effective for shorter works).

Leverage Other Audiences To Build Your Own

Let’s say your company’s blog has just launched and you are looking for increased exposure to get more potential clients on board. The solution: guest blogging. Blog owners are always on the lookout for exceptional content and your SlideShare content could be just the thing to get your business noticed.

Data-Driven Content is the Key to Engagement

SlideShare’s fans are professionals seeking quality information and helpful solutions for their businesses. As such, they are seeking informed content and statistics (think: charts, graphs, infographics) – and plenty of them!

HubSpot’s Dan Zarella found that contrary to other types of social media, the longer the SlideShare presentation the better it performed (60+ pages ideally).

Design Matters (a lot)

Whilst it could be misleading to suggest that design is more important that content it is certainly of equal importance when it comes to persuading browsers to click on your SlideShare over other people’s. An impressive design coupled with well-crafted content adds up to an irresistible SlideShare.

Get More Sign Ups on the Spot!

Because you are able to embed links into your SlideShare presentations, SlideShare allows you the potential to get more followers on board right away. (SlideShare Pro users can even embed a contact form into their document). And because SlideShare is a multimedia production there are no concerns about incurring penalties for duplicate content as with the written medium.

So now you’ve had a flavour of what online marketing’s ‘quiet giant’ could do for your business, it’s time to get to work. If you would like expert help and guidance to kickstart your SlideShare marketing campaign, your friendly online marketing consultant is just a phone call (or email) away.
It’s no exaggeration to say that using SlideShare to ‘buzz your business’ and connect with more potential clients could be a very smart business decision indeed. What’s the betting your competitors haven’t discovered it yet?

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