Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Company Directors: Internet Marketing Consultants Can Help With More Than Just Digital Marketing

When you think about Internet marketing consultants what comes to mind?

Oh they do stuff like building websites, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and create Pay Per Click ads on Google. Oh and they sort out your Social Media needs for you: like Facebook and Twitter.

Well, yes, they do all that.

And they can also do a whole lot more besides . . .

An Internet marketing consultant can help with things like:

Finance and Funding

A recent survey by accountancy software company Sage, revealed that out of 1000 ‘small firms’ interviewed, only 42 per cent had a business plan in place, and that ‘poor business planning’ was to blame for the majority of loan rejections within the same surveyed group.

If you are looking for finance from your bank, or seeking investment from a business angel or venture capital firm, or perhaps looking to secure grant funding for your company, Internet marketing consultants have the experience to give your finance or funding application the best chance of succeeding.

Market Research

Winners in business know what the competition is up to. They have their fingers firmly on the pulse of their particular markets and know everything they need to know about their competitors and their customers that will give them a winning edge.

Your marketing advisors can implement a range of research initiatives to ensure your company stays ahead of the pack.

Creative Marketing Ideas and Concepts

When you’re that close to a business, it’s sometimes difficult to see how you could do things differently. How you could be more effective with your marketing perhaps. Your trusted marketing partners, however, will have experience across all types of trades and industries and will be able to come up with some fresh marketing ideas that will help you win more business.

Direct Mail

Even when the latest technology dictates we spend more of our time doing digital marketing, direct mail can be a really effective route to winning new business. Your marketing consultants can create mailers and brochures designed to grab attention and get your target audience focused on you.


Many companies are reporting that it’s much more difficult to get ‘free’ PR these days. But not if you know the rules of the game. Journalists are constantly on the lookout for publishable stories – as opposed to the thinly-veiled sales pitches they receive in their inboxes every day. Regular write-ups in the press and trade journals can be a wonderful way to gain more custom, because it is viewed as unbiased reporting.

Again, your trusted marketing consultancy can help your business get the publicity it deserves.

So if you’re thinking your business could be performing better with a little expert help, give your friendly online Internet marketing consultants a call and find out what they can do for your company.

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