Friday, 10 February 2012

How An Internet Marketing Company Can Dramatically Improve Your Website’s Performance

So your business already has a website. Great. But is it working for you? Is it bringing in a high volume of enquiries each and every month which you can readily convert into sales? Or is it quite simply . . . there?

Your website is your business’s shop window, so it’s essential your browsers (visitors) like what they see – at least that they want to know more about what you can offer, which could lead to a sale. First and foremost an internet marketing company can make sure your website is doing its job properly.

As a business owner you will know that having a web presence is pretty much an essential requirement these days. But in the beginning when you’re just starting out, it’s all too easy to focus all your attention on the ‘building the website’ part, and very little on the ‘what happens next?’ part.

With the result that you could have a website that is at best under-utilised, and at worst, never gets picked up by the search engines. Which means the only people that contact you are people who already know you through other sources.

When you are ‘invisible’ to potential customers it’s very hard to grow your business. So what to do about it.

An internet marketing company can improve your website marketing in several ways:

By ensuring your website gets picked up by the major search engines.

Ensuring your site is well laid out and functions correctly.

Making certain your website fully represents you and what you stand for.

Creating an effective online marketing strategy for your business.

Have you ever happened upon a website that was over-cluttered, confusing, difficult to navigate, or where its purpose wasn’t immediately clear? When this happens, the visitor tends to take avoiding action and exit the site. Unfortunately, when this happens, you are likely to have lost your visitor for good. Let me ask you how often do you re-visit a website where you didn’t enjoy the experience first time round? So creating a website that provides a great visitor experience is paramount.

And once you have built your website that is clear and fully functional, you must ensure that all the major search engines (and particularly Google) can find you. In other words, your website must be search engine optimised. To the uninitiated, SEO is a bit of a mystery, but your internet marketing company will be able to advise you as to how they can get your website onto Page One of Google at a reasonable cost – which for most businesses is the ultimate goal.

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