Wednesday, 2 May 2012

How To Achieve High Website Conversions

When it comes to e-commerce, driving high numbers of visitors to your company’s website is only half the battle. When the visitors have appeared, you need to use all the methods at your disposal to convert them into paying customers – otherwise all your SEO and online marketing efforts have come to naught. Whether you choose to do this yourself or hire a web marketing company to take advantage of their extensive knowledge, here are some of the most popular tips for achieving high conversion rates:

Easy Searches: If a potential customer visits your website looking for a certain product, they want to be able to find it easily. You may think that sending a client through a maze of related products will encourage them to buy more than they had originally intended, but in fact the result is more often that they will get bored and try another website. Make sure that every product or service you offer can be found easily from your home page.

Clear Content: In addition to making products easy to find, the descriptions of each item should be clear and concise, leaving clients in no doubt of what it does, what advantages it can bring them and what it will cost them. Also, be upfront about any shipping costs so the customer knows exactly how much they will have to pay before they start the payment process.

Speedy Checkout Process: Make sure that the process of buying products through your website is quick and simple. I’m sure we’ve all been in the position of trying to purchase something online, but it’s taken so long to go through that we’ve given up and gone elsewhere. And even if the client sticks with it and makes the payment, they won’t have had a particularly positive experience of visiting your online store and are unlikely therefore to give you that all-important repeat business.

Update Regularly: If your website doesn’t appear current, customers may be put off buying from you so make sure you update it as often as you can. Even if you don’t have any new products to add to your online range, you can keep things fresh with regular promotions, sales or even adding industry-specific articles to demonstrate your expertise in the sector you serve. If you appear to be knowledgeable in your field, potential customers visiting your website are much more likely to see you as a trusted supplier and spend their money accordingly.

Hire An Expert: If after the above you’re still having trouble achieving high conversion rates, it’s highly recommended that you employ the services of a web marketing company. They will be well aware of all the latest techniques for online marketing and will also be able to research what your competitors are doing and apply this to your own business. It is easy enough to learn the theory of web marketing, but sometimes implementing it practically can be an entirely different thing.

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