Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Using Google AdWords to Increase Traffic to your Website

If you have been trying to find ways to increase your internet marketing then you may have considered using Google AdWords. Essentially this is a way to help you increase the volume of traffic you receive on your website and can be an incredibly useful tool.

1.Quality Scores

You may notice that the phrase quality score is used but if you are new to internet marketing you may not understand what this means. The areas that are key to having a good quality score are the relationship between your keyword and your advert, the performance of your keywords, the quantity and quality of content related to your keyword on your site and how long visitors spend looking at your site.


The keywords that you choose for your content are incredibly important so it is vital that you give this area care and consideration. These can be a single keyword or perhaps even a phrase, whatever you select will ultimately depend on the nature of your website and home business. You may be able to carry out free keyword research by using one of the many websites available which can help ensure you select relevant keywords.

Other ways to help increase internet marketing traffic to your site include offering one or more of your competitors an incentive to direct traffic your way or purchasing exit traffic from another website.

3.Check your Ads

If you have placed an internet marketing ad then it is vital that you check on this to see how it is performing. You can use one of many online tools to help track this and check to see the rank of your keywords. This is important since you may discover that your approach is not as effective as it could be and you can therefore make changes as appropriate. Keep in mind that Google will often let you know your average position so there is a chance that your ads could rank well in one area and but low in others.
Online advertising can be expensive if not managed and targetted. An internet marketing consultant can help you to set up an account and show you the best ways to manage your account.

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Gert said...

A strategy I have been using is to get my current customers to become affiliates.
Then I offer them 100% commissions. This works for me because I have a membership site but the structure could
work well if you are trying to build a big list. I wrote a article on my results. You can read it here.