Saturday, 15 January 2011

Organic Internet Marketing - Get More Results for Less

Organic internet marketing results in your prospective customers finding your company when they look for the thing they want. This marketing method can encompass a lot of work but once you reach the goal of being listed as highly relevant to strategic keyword phrases in your industry, it can be much simpler to reach your goals.

A lot of consumers today look to search engines to connect them with their desires. The check search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others. They also check websites, such as social networking sites, that could point them to links and to advertisements. Getting listed for the phrases your prospects are surfing for could help you get more customers. And if you work at it organically, it could cost you less money to attract customers.

Organic SEO Benefits

There are many facets to internet marketing but organic SEO (search engine optimisation) could be the most beneficial for an online business. Whilst paid advertising does have its merits, perceived relevancy in a number 1 position in Google's search engine results pages could be very powerful. Most consumers will be more trusting of an "I feel lucky' click rather than a "sponsored" one. It's not a bad idea to do both but it's definitely a good idea to take a serious attempt at ranking well organically.

Save Money On Marketing

And, in terms of your marketing spend, organic internet marketing costs a substantial amount less than a typical paid advertising campaign. Not only will you be seen as highly relevant to your subject matter but each visitor to your site won't cost a fee. Pay per click campaigning can quickly add up and it could take a lot of testing and tweaking to find the right keyword / ad blend to achieve results.

SEM vs SEO - Guarantees?

Search engine marketing is a viable internet marketing technique. Sponsored advertising can be highly effective but it can also be highly expensive. Campaigns often operate on a pay per click and there's no guarantee that the click will result in a sales.

With organic search engine rankings there are also no guarantees that a click will result in a sale but with this sort of traffic, there is no cost to you to receive a website visitor. The rankings attract visitors and then you can work on converting them into customers. Yes, it could take time, effort, and money to get your site listed at the top of the search engines but the rewards of these efforts could be substantial with a lower TCO than sponsored ads.

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